State Bank of India: From Local Footprints to Global Imprints

State Bank of India: Synonymous with Trust, Innovation, and Extensive Global Footprints

State Bank of India: From Local Footprints to Global Imprints

Thursday October 26, 2023,

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State Bank of India (SBI), India's most prominent banking institution, stands as a testament to trust and commitment, both within and beyond Indian shores. With roots running deep in the diverse terrains of India, SBI proudly serves a remarkable 48 crore customers. The bank's local dominance is evident with 22,405 branches, a robust 65,627 ATMs, and a dedicated 76,089 CSPs (Customer Service Points), ensuring financial accessibility even in the remotest corners

Regional Breakdown:

  • Rural Regions: 8,042 branches, 10,260 ATMs, and 54,470 CSPs
  • Urban Areas: 4,010 branches, 23,198 ATMs, and 9,652 CSPs
  • Semi-urban Zones: 6,514 branches, 19,972 ATMs, and 10,781 CSPs
  • Metro Hubs: 3,839 branches, 12,197 ATMs, and 1,186 CSPs

Global Outreach and International Partnerships:

SBI is not confined to India's borders. The bank has successfully established 235 international offices across 29 countries, marking its global prominence and commitment to expanding its services to the Indian diaspora and other global customers.

Tech-Savvy Banking - Embracing the Digital Age:

Digital transformation is reshaping the banking landscape, and SBI is at the forefront with over 6 crore users on its innovative digital platform. The system's resilience is evident, handling a peak of 12,300 transactions per second. Moreover, SBI has a substantial digital footprint with a 22.83% share in mobile banking transactions by number and a significant 20.89% transaction value share.

Market Leadership - The Numbers Speak:

In the competitive banking sector, SBI's supremacy is clear. They command a 22.99% share in deposits and 19.68% in advances. Moreover, SBI influences a significant 26.25% of the debit card spends market and boasts a 29.90% share of ATMs across India.

State Bank of India remains more than a bank. It's an emblem of unwavering trust, innovation, and dedicated service, embedded in India's ethos and extending its reach globally.