Maximising lead generation: 5 effective ways chatbots help

Chatbots offer an effective solution for businesses to provide excellent customer service and attract leads. Here is how chatbots can boost your sales!

Maximising lead generation: 5 effective ways chatbots help

Friday November 10, 2023,

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For a business, attracting leads and converting them into sales is a daily task but it is not a simple one. Startups need to gather the right details of the customer to qualify them and forward it to their sales team. 

Businesses can use the power of AI and chatbots to attract leads like a magnet. Here are 5 ways your startup can benefit from chatbots. 

5 Effective ways chatbots can help you maximise lead generation

Now to the good part – right from increasing conversions to boosting your engagement, here’s a list of 5 ways chatbots can power your lead generation in your business. 

#1: Round-the-clock chat support 

It's one thing for a company to be responsive to a customer’s inquiries, but quite another to provide 24/7 assistance. Being available instils a sense of loyalty and trust in your business. In fact, statistics show that 64% of internet users believe the 24-hour availability service of chatbots is their best feature. 

Apart from this, chatbots can help convert website visitors into leads by providing customer support beyond office hours. Also, it is a beneficial option for internet users who prefer self-service as they can easily navigate through the site with the guidance of chatbots. 

Customer support

#2: Attract leads with live chatbots

Live chat support has consistently been the top choice of customers when it comes to queries. This is because it provides prompt responses, no voice call interruptions and customers can do what they like while their query is being answered.

These bots can also be used to attract leads by offering relevant guides, ebooks, and white paper on your website in exchange for email or contact information. Apart from this, chatbots can also promote newsletters that can boost subscriptions. 

#3: Gather data efficiently

Statistics show more than 80% of users abandon filling out online forms once they start. Perhaps it has to be something with engagement, static forms are not interactive and can make form filling seem like a task. 

However, chatbots can be used to break down the form into parts and collect data. Once a user engages in the conversation, the chatbot can send more questions without overwhelming customers. By doing so, firms can gather key information about their leads and improve conversion rates. 

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#4: Qualify leads 

If your sales team get high-quality leads, it can result in more sales. This is where chatbots come into the picture. They can easily ask customers specific questions to evaluate their purchase intent. 

Your businesses should prepare a list of questions that can be asked to an ideal customer or lead to get accurate responses. After that, the chatbot can offer free trials, demos or booking an appointment to leads who are interested. 

#5: Personalisation 

Personalisation helps online visitors feel more connected thereby increasing customer satisfaction and retention. One way is to provide the chatbot with user’s data related to their previous buying habits and other details. 

When these customers arrive on the website, that chatbot can be automatically triggered to offer a free item or loyal discount after a regular customer makes a purchase. Or they can send a persuasive message after a customer visits the site by clicking on the link shared during your marketing campaign. 

In conclusion, AI chatbots are the future of lead generation. Implement these strategies in your startup today to reap the benefits of increased conversions and satisfied customers. Stay ahead of the competition and watch your business thrive!