This Saas startup’s observability platform is automating data analysis for product teams

Founded in 2023 by Brijesh Bharadwaj and Shobhit Gupta, Segwise is an AI-powered observability platform specifically designed for product growth teams which provides daily insights into what factors are impacting their metrics.

This Saas startup’s observability platform is automating data analysis for product teams

Wednesday November 29, 2023,

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Brijesh Bharadwaj and Shobhit Gupta stood under the spotlight as they introduced their new venture, Segwise, to a panel of investors and an enthusiastic audience during the pitch fest at TechSparks 2023.

Founded in 2023, Segwise is a B2B SaaS AI-powered observability platform specifically designed for product growth teams, which tells companies the factors influencing their metrics every day.

“We were happy to see that the audience and investors at TechSparks really understood the problem we were solving. It reinforced our commitment towards accelerating the development of this solution,” Bharadwaj tells YourStory.

Segwise went live at the end of October 2023 with two pilot users—Simple Viral Games and KiranaClub

“In today's world, observability for product and growth teams is done manually by product managers and product analysts who spend hours on dashboards writing SQL. Product and growth teams spend 30-50% of their time cutting data, trying to understand what moved their key performance indicators, where the opportunities are, and to check any issues. Segwise is automating all of this work with the help of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI),” Bharadwaj explains.

What it offers?

While working at FamPay, Bharadwaj (former Lead of Product and Growth) and Gupta (former Head of Engineering) recognised a common challenge—product and growth teams invested a significant amount of time and effort in analysing data to extract valuable insights for the growth of their products. 

These challenges led the duo to launch Segwise. “It was a personal problem that we faced in our previous roles, and it felt like a good opportunity to create a solution,” Bharadwaj says, adding, “The problem is real, and our solution and direction seem to be correct now.”

While Bharadwaj handles sales and marketing, Gupta takes care of the technical engineering side of the business. Besides the co-founders, Segwise has four employees.

Segwise provides metrics insight, which helps product teams track and analyse key performance indicators, including marketing spending, cost per acquired new user, onboarding success percentage, and more—allowing them to make fast and informed decisions.

The platform assists in identifying user segments that are finding more value in a company’s product, helping the team focus and amplify what's working well. It also spots funnels that are not working effectively and provides insights on how to fix them. 

Through automation, Segwise is trying to save time and effort for companies’ product and growth teams. The platform can be integrated easily with various tools commonly used in the product growth domain, and it can do this without requiring any engineering bandwidth.

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“We target companies that focus on product-led growth (PLG). Within that, we are specifically working with companies whose primary product is a mobile app and are post-product market fit, i.e., they have crossed say 50,000 monthly active users, have raised at least $1 million, and are looking to grow rapidly. We also work with B2B apps that use PLG as a primary growth channel,” Bharadwaj explains.

The platform uses Python, GoLang, spark, SparkML, Mongo DB, lambda, API gateway, redis, Llama2, and ScaleAI, SQL Coder. It offers a monthly and yearly subscription model, and the trial price starts at $500 per month.

Speaking of competition, Bharadwaj says, “We have a lot of adjacent competitors. Sundial is our direct competition, and companies like Loops are also doing something interesting. However, these are also super young, and therefore, at present, there isn't a clear industry leader or a dominant competitor that we're specifically targeting.”

By 2023-end, the founders aim to get ten customers on board. “We plan to hit $1 million ARR in 18 months and then $3 million ARR in 30 months,” Bharadwaj adds.

At present, it is in the process of closing its pre-seed round.

The founders

Both founders say that becoming entrepreneurs wasn't a childhood aspiration but a dream they saw in their adulthood years.

Bharadwaj, with a bachelor's in Electronics and Instrumentation from BITS Pilani and a master's in Economics, has prior experience at InMobi, Hike, Dunzo, and FamPay. Gupta holds a BTech from Motilal Nehru NIT and a master's in Computer Science from the University of Utah and has worked at WhatsApp, Uber, and FamPay.

Before Segwise, Bharadwaj founded in 2012—a social music discovery platform that developed and connected a thriving community of independent musicians and their fans in India. 

After partially exiting Tunepatrol in 2013, he launched Townsee in 2016—a city-specific social network that lets users discover their city through pictures and find places recommended by their peers.

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Edited by Suman Singh