⁠ AI Startups: India's Secret Weapon Against Climate Change (But Don't Tell Silicon Valley)

India's AI ecosystem showcase how entrepreneurship and technology can address humanity’s greatest battles against climate change and inspire others.

⁠ AI Startups: India's Secret Weapon Against Climate Change (But Don't Tell Silicon Valley)

Tuesday February 06, 2024,

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India, often regarded as the world's software outsourcing hub, is silently nurturing a new breed of startups that are harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to combat one of the most pressing global challenges – climate change.

These AI startups are not only addressing environmental issues but also finding innovative solutions to tackle climate-related problems. While Silicon Valley grabs headlines, India's AI ecosystem is emerging as a significant player in the battle against climate change. In this article, we'll shed light on some real-life examples of Indian AI startups leading the way in environmental innovation.

Waste Ventures India:

Waste Ventures India, with operations in Hyderabad and other Indian cities, employs AI algorithms to optimise waste collection, recycling, and management. Their smart waste management solutions not only reduce the environmental impact of waste but also create sustainable job opportunities for waste pickers, ultimately contributing to cleaner cities.

Blue Sky Analytics:

Blue Sky Analytics, headquartered in New Delhi, uses AI and satellite technology to monitor air quality and analyse pollution data in real-time. Their platform helps governments, businesses, and individuals make informed decisions to mitigate air pollution and its detrimental effects on the climate and public health. As one can not solve what one can not measure, Blue Sky Analytics helps save the planet with data.

Save Planet with Data


Bengaluru-based CropIn deploys AI and data analytics to support sustainable agriculture practices. By providing farmers with real-time insights on weather, soil conditions, and crop health, CropIn helps optimise farming operations, reduce resource wastage, and enhance agricultural productivity—all while reducing the environmental impact of farming practices. In its journey towards creating a sustainable space, the startup got well recognised, and got funding by Google in 2023.

Pro Zero Carbon

Pro Zero Carbon , this Hyderabad-based startup is a tech- enabled, data based, end-to-end solution provider for enterprises looking to monitor their ESG metrics and lower their carbon footprint. Their services help make the most of clean energy by predicting when it'll be available. This reduces reliance on fossil fuels and curbs emissions, contributing significantly to the fight against climate change.

India's AI startups are quietly revolutionising the fight against climate change, offering innovative solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, enhance sustainability, and protect the environment. These startups are not just promising examples but also an inspiration for the world, showcasing how entrepreneurship and technology can play a pivotal role in addressing one of humanity's greatest challenges.

It's time to recognise and celebrate India's contributions to a greener and more sustainable future.

Edited by Roshni Manghnani

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