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Accenture’s Rinku Kaul reveals how to crack the networking code and build power partnerships

At SheSparks 2024, Rinku Kaul of Accenture stresses on the importance of authentic connections and organisational support.

Accenture’s Rinku Kaul reveals how to crack the networking code and build power partnerships

Thursday March 28, 2024 , 3 min Read

The power of networking can launch your career, ignite entrepreneurial dreams, and create opportunities for exciting collaborations. At SheSparks 2024, Rinku Kaul, Lead - Human Resources, Advanced Technology Centers in India, Accenture, a powerhouse in the field of networking, shared her expertise with a session on 'Grow your network of power partners’.

In her opening remarks, Kaul offered a thought-provoking reflection on the importance of networking in the modern professional environment. According to her, women are often “underestimating their networking abilities, which results in missed opportunities”. She used personal experiences to shed light on the significant role her own "squad" played in her professional development.

Kaul also highlighted the support, motivation, and guidance provided by her network of colleagues and friends, portraying them as indispensable allies in the pursuit of success. "Power partners are your squad, the unwavering support system every professional needs,” she stated, summarising the essence of effective networking.

As the discussion progressed, it seamlessly transitioned to the challenges that introverts and remote workers face in networking. Kaul shared her love-hate relationship with networking, attributing her reluctance to her introverted nature. Nevertheless, she offered practical advice to introverts, advocating a gradual approach based on trust and authenticity.

She outlined practical strategies for navigating the complexities of professional networking, extending the theme of overcoming networking obstacles. Her advice to people grappling with the intricacies of networking was simple: “Start small and cultivate relationships based on trust, gradually expanding your network.”

Kaul shifted gears and talked about the role that organisations play in fostering an environment conducive to networking. To help employees better connect, she underscored the importance of creating an environment that internally and externally creates a conducive environment. She outlined different avenues through which organisations could facilitate networking opportunities, including small-scale events or employee resource groups and communities of practice.

"Each of us has the power to cultivate meaningful connections and build a network of allies who champion our success," Kaul said. According to her, these connections allow us to realise our full potential and facilitate opportunities for ourselves and others. However, building networks is only the first step; they must also be maintained and nurtured.

Kaul stressed the importance of leveraging digital platforms as a means of networking, particularly when working remotely. She also highlighted the value of social media, professional networking sites, and virtual communities in expanding professional networks beyond geographical limitations. By embracing technology as an ally, individuals can leverage digital platforms to establish meaningful connections. They can also exchange information and keep up to date on industry trends. The purpose is to enhance networking efforts.

The HR lead made a case for introspection and growth, empowering attendees to harness the power of their networks in their professional development. Kaul's insights helped participants at SheSparks 2024 gain a deeper understanding of the value of networking as a strategy for career advancement.