Aman Brar

Aman Brar is a Chief Business Analyst at Zapbuild. He doesn’t just provide strategic business analysis to his clients but also work closely with them to gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of their business strategies, processes, products and services, and of course the context in which their business operates. His role is providing them with practical and relevant capabilities that are essential to addressing their business challenges through software. His expertise in Information Systems and the ability to apply it to the analysis, development, execution and constant improvement of action plans have been fully utilized at Zapbuild.

In the last decade, having served 430+ clients from 21 countries across the globe, Zapbuild has become a trusted and known name in providing software consulting and development solutions - especially to healthcare, real estate, hospitality, logistics & freight, finance & accounting, retail, personal fitness, and related industries and domains. Over the years, Zapbuild has partnered with many startups and existing businesses and played a crucial role in automating their business and workflow. When you associate with Zapbuild, you will be able to fully utilize our expertise and experience in the latest technologies to develop your product, as well as our marketing capabilities to generate more revenue and create better opportunities for your business.