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How Successful Entrepreneur Balances Work & Personal Life

How Successful Entrepreneur Balances Work & Personal Life

Friday August 30, 2019,

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Hasn't it become an absolute and utter cliché? We all talk about maintaining a successful work and personal life balance but how many of us actually succeed at it? While it is very refreshing to see that so many of us have taken this seriously and have begun to work to achieve that balance, but not many of us are able to strike it. We need a strong will power for this and also some guidance that puts us on the right path wouldn’t hurt either.


If you have come to this blog, you have hope in yourself, and you have the drive needed to make this work. You crave this balance and it was evident the moment you clicked on this article. Congratulate yourself because you’ve already taken the first step.


Let’s Begin!

Do you too like most other entrepreneurs find it difficult to separate your work life from your personal life? Do you find it hard to balance them? Do you find it increasingly cumbersome to prevent your office stress from seeping into your bedroom? You know that with your power comes a lot of responsibilities and as a leader and nurturer, it is in your hands to look after everyone who is working for you and with you. What makes a successful businessman is the ability to do it all and pull it off like a pro.

But this does not mean that you are going to let your professional life overtake your personal life or vice versa. There is no such thing as the perfect guide to work life balance - however, there are a handful of effective ways that any entrepreneur can use to do just that without breaking a sweat. Have a look and try these out:


Learn To Prioritize

It is very essential that you are clear about your priorities and for that you will have to take out the time to revisit the list of things that are due to be done. And while you are at it, also revisit your values and belief systems. Assess where your family and friends stand and focus on the area of the workplace that requires more time than all the other things in your life. There is no place for distractions in your life, of course except when you are looking for one. Once you have things in order of priority you will get a clearer picture of what you have to do.

This can be put into practice easily with the help of the Eisenhower Decision Matrix. Stephen Covey talked about it at length in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. We are not going to go into the details of it, but here’s how the decision matrix works:

how the decision matrix works

A Newfound Hobby You Say?

When you want some time to recharge yourself and rejuvenate your senses you are going to need a certain support system. This support system does not really have to come from any external source such as your friends or family or even co-workers. You need to discover or develop a hobby that is going to be your recharge source. When you need to freshen up your mind and energize your soul a hobby such as reading, painting, and swimming, horse riding, any kind of sports or any kind of indoor or outdoor activity is going to be ideal for you.


Take Time-Off

It is just so difficult to imagine a life where you are not working. When was the last time you had taken an off from work or had simply gone down to the lake or park for a long walk, or taken a break or a vacation from your normal routine? The benefits of such little time offs can be very significant - providing vital boost to our physical and mental energies - but we need to cultivate a habit of taking them just like we have become habitual to our work.


Learn How To Effectively Delegate

Is it even practical to become a jack of all trades? Won't you be risking becoming the master of none? These sayings are not just words. They are here for a reason and came into being to teach us some valuable lessons and one of them is the art of delegation. You cannot possibly handle everything on your own because not everything that goes down in your organization is your responsibility to execute. You should learn how to lighten up and delegate some of the work to your employees and associates. These could be very minor but important responsibilities such as:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Maintenance of your business website
  • Social media posts and management
  • Data entry and customer support system
  • Purchase of office equipment and supplies
  • Paying the bills that are due
  • Booking flights hotels and rentals
  • Managing deliveries and pickups
  • Taking care of filing and invoicing

Now such tasks may or may not be very important - however, being an entrepreneur you do not need to complete them on your own. These can easily be delegated to your employees and, once you do it, you will see how much easier your life can be.

Learn How To Differentiate Between Good Stress And Bad Stress

Stress has its perks! Yes, I am talking about the good stress that doesn’t have the reputation of being “distress.” Stress is actually a good thing under certain peculiar and right circumstances. Good stress is a strong motivator and makes a better performer out of you. This is why we need to learn the difference between good and bad stress


Good stress is typically short-term but the effect it has is long term as it really pushes you to accomplish greater and better things. Good stress, also known as Eustress, is a driving factor in many successful entrepreneurs’ lives that propels them forward and helps them achieve their goals. It works as a source of motivation or driving force that lets you get something done or overcome a hurdle. 

  • An office deadline
  • A school or college project deadline
  • Or a test that you just have to clear
  • Or even giving a speech for the first time and excelling at it

These all are examples of such stresses that push you out of your comfort zone and help you grow as a person and as an achiever. If you want more happiness, success and fulfillment, you will have to understand what it is and welcome it in your life with open arms.



Don't be hesitant in trying these little tricks. No harm could come out of them. If anything, you will benefit from these little yet significant habits if you are able to incorporate them into your daily routine. You will find it easier to deal with your professional life stresses. Even getting over your personal life hurdles will become a piece of cake. You will soon see how your world changes for the better.