Amit Gupta

Amit Gupta is the Co-founder and CEO of GoGo Bus. He handles every task in the company, including business development, strategy, and new product development. Amit was a management aficionado with more than 20 years of experience in Strategic & Commercial Intelligence, Operations and Enterprise Sales. Before establishing GoGo Bus, Amit has worked at leadership positions in various reputed organisations like KPMG, CRISIL Infrastructure Advisory, TransCare Logistics etc. In his last role, he worked as a VP of Enterprise sales for where he built their B2B vertical from scratch and made it profitable. He has done Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from the prestigious Indian maritime University, Kolkata. After earning his bachelors, he went to the National Law school of India University for MBL(Dropped). The idea of entrepreneurship was not new to Amit, before starting GoGo bus, he successfully co-founded WareOLog where he built an Inbound, Outbound and Reverse logistics ecosystems for ecommerce players in Delhi NCR. During his role in WareOlog he manages a team of 50 professionals to achieve revenue growth of 150% Y-O-Y. After working for 20 years in different challenging roles Amit decided to lay down the stone of GoGo bus just before the pandemic to change the perception of Indians on traveling by Bus. Amit decided to give a whole new way to travel by unmatchable reliability, safety, cleanliness and a smart alternative to the existing private Bus operators. Amit decided to provide one in a lifetime experience for its consumers in GoGo Bus with best in class coaches, onboard services and mid-way stops with demand driven competitive pricing. Amit believes that the best leadership lesson is to know that a business is like a painting or sculpture. It begins with nothing, like a blank canvas or misshapen rock. Just as a painter or sculptor can paint anything on a blank canvas or give any shape to an ordinary rock, so can an entrepreneur create any business. He believes that every industry has its own rules. What works in one industry may not work in others. Successful business people learn by doing, failing, and learning from their failures. Amit believes that in the next few years GoGo bus will be a house name in India and Bus Travel will be known as GoGo Bus.