Amrit Dubey

My Vision in the Field of Digital Marketing

“Digital marketing is the most sophisticated way a brand tells its stories.”

With this concept in mind, I have chosen to pursue a thriving career in Digital marketing. As a warm-blooded individual, like most others of my age, I wanted to pursue a career which will not force me to spend hours on a desk job.

Initially, I started my career in the IT sector and took up the role of an SEO executive back in 2009.

I was taken aback by the different digital marketing techniques and trend, just by learning the basics. Working with a plethora of companies and industries, I discovered the tricks of the trade well. Companies would use Google to make themselves rank and gather website traffic.

The more traffic a website gathered, the more chances of it being featured on Google’s first SERP. As a consequence, the more attractive it became to potential customers.

This was why the concept of SEO became one of my favourites. I think “Manipulating Google takes skill; it’s like an art, trying to woo Google and impress it enough to place a particular brand or company at the top.” During two years I worked for a IT firm, I used my ever-growing skills in the arena of SEO and helped numerous industries and brands reach the top of SERP. Soon enough, I had a vision of how the digital platform would shape up in the near future.

Wanting to dig deeper into this sea of opportunities provided by the WWW, I quit my job and focused on gaining expertise via freelancing. Adding up layers to my 10 years of expertise till 2016, I worked alongside numerous new clients and won their favour.

Once I felt that I knew just the right ways to piece up the puzzle in the digital arena, I was ready to start my own company.

Birth of JSM Digital Marketing

I set out to develop my digital marketing institute in 2016, by the name of JSM Digital Marketing. My company would work towards providing the future entrepreneurs and on-going businesses an excellent platform to gain recognition in the digital interface.

From video content, SEO, research, social media marketing and more, JSM would dedicatedly work towards helping brands reach their designated destinations in the online platforms.

This marketing institute became an instant hit, owing to several factors –

  1. My years of experience made me proficient in various fields of Virtual marketing like SEO, Link Building, Branding, PR Publication, and PPC.
  2. Using my know-how in Digital marketing, I handpicked individuals for my company, who aren’t just book smart. Instead, I chose skilled digital engineers who have intuition & passion.
  3. I even trained my subordinates and helped them precisely understand what to do to win over my clientele.
  4. My previous clients followed my trail and came to me for assistance owing to my exceptional expertise.

Thus, all in all, I have turned my profession into a passion and I’m readily climbing the stairs to success with my exceptional business marketing skills.