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Guide to the Untold Secrets of Digital Marketing Strategy

Guide to the Untold Secrets of Digital Marketing Strategy

Monday May 18, 2020,

6 min Read

Decoding Digital Marketing

It is the new age marketing mantra, which takes the help of electronic media channels or the internet.

It includes all the modes like search engines, social media sites, email marketing, website marketing and so on. With advancement of technology, the digital marketing era is gaining momentum.

Who does not have an internet connection in today’s times?

Everyone has, internet on their computers, mobiles and laptops. Life without the internet is difficult to imagine. If we go by technological words, Digital Marketing uses digital methods to reach customer s and engage them.

All of us have encountered digital marketing strategies, in one form or the other. You do get mailers from various sources, on a daily basis on your mail id, isn’t it? You must have noticed, a content marketer, creates different blog posts in support for a new product in the market. On a daily basis, campaigns are created and published.

How to create the best digital marketing strategy?

There are certain things that you need to keep in mind while designing your Digital Marketing Strategy.

  • Set that objective – You need to create a mission and vision for the business. You need to ascertain, what goals you want to achieve in the short run and long run. Set goals, SMART goals. They should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. Use Key Performance Indicators. Measure them, with Google Analytics or other measuring softwares.

  • Start to analyze the past posts–Start studying and analyzing past post and strategies. Choose the last year or quarter, whatever suits you. You can make use of Google’s Bench marking reports. Do not forget to study your competitors marketing strategies, as well. They will teach you, where you went wrong.

  • Decide you audience – Study the demographics, like age, gender, earning power and location. Without, ascertaining your target audience, you will reach nowhere. Start with finding out the problems, faced by that specific demographic group. Learn, about goals, ambitions, and needs of that target group. You can use ‘Audience Reports’ as well.

  • Create your budget –This is an important part of the Digital Marketing Strategy. You do not have unlimited means, do you? Defines your budget, look back and find out, what all strategies worked for you. You have to decide what kind of promotion, you will go for. You have the options of paid promotion like Adword, Google AdSense or social media boosts.

Try to build great teams. Great teams are capable of achieving great teams together. You can do it in-house or outsource the same. And, another important strategy is to brainstorm.

Make a plan, but don’t be too stringent on it. Create a calendar. Delegate, jobs to different team members, based on specific expertise. Measure the pros and cons. If something does not work, you don’t need to stick to it, change it. There, is no hard and fast rule.

Education in Digital Marketing

The main aim of the institutes catering to such courses is to enhance the skills and knowledge of digital professionals. The main aim is to advance the careers of seller in online industry and content marketers.

Common Digital Marketing Tactics

Let us start with the SEO or better known as Search Engine Optimization. It is basically the process to make your website, rank higher in the results page on your search engine. Websites, blogs and info graphics are the channels requiring help.

Content Marketing is another area that needs frequent attention. It means the creation and promotion the channels, mainly included under this category are blog post, e books, and online brochures and look books.

Social Media is another channel which is making waves. Everyone is on social media and there is no way to escape it. It creates brand awareness, moves traffic to your channel and generates leads for your business.The various social media handles are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snap chat and Pinterest. These are the top ones, though more are coming forth every day.

Pay-Per-Click campaigns are a new way to drive customers to your website. You pay the publisher of your ad, every time someone clicks on it. Google Adwords, which is one of the top draws this season. PPCs can be used on Paid ads in Facebook, on Twitter and Sponsored messages in LinkedIn.

Affiliate Marketing is another area, which is being explored lately. You receive commission for promoting someone else’s products on your blog. Hosting video ads and you tube partner program Programme participation is a part of it.

Numerous companies are also using other digital marketing media channels like Email marketing.This way discounts and other promo offers are communicated to the customer. The different types of mails sent, may include Blog subscription letters, welcome mailers, and loyalty promos, follow up mails and so on.

Digital Marketer Jobs

The main scope of such jobs is to concentrate on brand awareness and lead generation of businesses. It can be both paid and free. The channels include social media, OOH, advertisements and online campaigns. There are separate KPIs for each channel, so that performance can be measured. There are different kinds of specialist like SEO Manager, Social Media Manager, and Marketing Automation Co-coordinator. For more information, take a look Payscale.

Digital Marketing works for most businesses. You can sell anything for soaps to furniture. A proper marketing channel can nail it. You just need to strategize properly, that is the catch in the game.

B2B Marketing makes use of digital strategies. It helps in online lead generation, for the salesperson. B2C marketing channels are also there, which decides price points for segments of customers.

The benefits of this marketing channel are many, from driving website traffic, lead generation, and attribution modeling to content performance. It's very difficult to mange all work as most of them technical, here a digital marketing services can help a lot.

There is no end to the promotions and their results. There are immense possibilities. Paid advertisements yield quicker results, than non-paid one. You need to leverage the right strategies. Any size of business can utilize the digital strategies, with the right measures. It is nothing impossible, but full of possibilities. You can benefit a lot from these channels, on an ongoing manner.