Anant Goel

Anant Goel is the CEO and Co-Founder of Milkbasket, India’s first and largest daily micro-delivery service. Anant has the vision to touch the lives of over a million households with Milkbasket’s micro-delivery model, which he believes, will redefine the online grocery delivery industry in India. By 2023, Milkbasket aims to have the numero uno spot in the industry with over a billion dollars in annual turnover. Anant started his entrepreneurial journey in 2011 with his first venture, Rungde, a painting services company. In 2012, he started Ursqft, a multi specialty real estate advisory, transaction and management firm which later diversified into real estate portal Zamoona. The knowledge of building this company lent itself significantly when he decided to enter and disrupt the already cluttered daily e-commerce industry in Gurgaon with Milkbasket.