Ashish Mittal

A Graduate in Technology and an erudite entrepreneur, Ashish Mittal has his acumen in many fiefdoms of business he is performing. Before commencing his own entrepreneurial venture Yugasa Software Labs Private Limited in 2015; he had been holding a very large number of prestigious responsibilities at different global assignments for over a period of 16 years in the software development domain. Under his leadership, Yugasa has worked for clients across 25 countries and has been appreciated by national and international magazines and rating agencies of repute.

Ashish is a seasoned industry veteran and holds strong experience in Technology, Pre-Sales, Customer Service and People Management. He loves to monitor every project at Yugasa by himself and participates actively in development and marketing activities of his company.

Earlier to Yugasa, Ashish worked with Software Development Teams at Quark (USA), Global Graphics (UK), DSL (India) and OneVision (Germany).

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