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Factors to consider while searching for a mobile application developer

Spending time in proper research at this stage will ease out your work during project development

Factors to consider while searching for a mobile application developer

Tuesday November 17, 2020,

6 min Read

Having an app idea of great utility to you and others is very hard to come by, but what’s even harder is to convert that idea into a successful app. 

Now finding a mobile app development agency to build your intended mobile app solution is not a difficult task but, finding the appropriate company for your app development can indeed be tricky and challenging. 

The increase in smartphone usage has given birth to many startups and entrepreneurs in the application market. So to avoid any pitfalls which you might otherwise encounter, following are the factors you must consider while choosing a mobile app developer 

Team which has skills to develop Cross-Platform App: 

You might need an app for both platforms already and hence would need a team which has good experience on building apps for both Android and iOS. But even if you are planning to build an app for a single platform as of now search a team which has good experience on both OS. Because sooner or later, you would definitely need support for the other platform as well. As per a statistic, India has close to 40% iOS users right now and not supporting iOS can be a temporary arrangement. Changing the team later for another platform app can be a problem because a lot of work in an app development is interconnected and the team which has started working on one platform should only continue to work on the whole system. 

Affordable and dedicated mobile app development company understand the importance of developing your app for an ideal platform which can enhance the users' engagement tremendously.

Explore online: 

With the growth in accessing information over the internet, there is no dearth in finding the details about a company online first. Checkout the team or agency over the internet about their work, their social media presence, their publications about technology, what are they talking about technology over social media (Check their Linkedin Handle or Twitter Handle), what are people telling about them (See Google Reviews and their Youtube Channel) and other important information about the agency. Make sure you do not hire a team for whom you are just another client. Find a team, who respects every client, acts more as a consultant, has got good client reviews, has a good team with experienced developers, and prefers to understand your requirements first. The other factor you must check for is the company’s retention rate of it’s earlier employees (Check their Facebook Page) which in-turn will be a reflection of their professionalism.

Cost of Developing Your App and Your Estimated Budget: 

Like all businesses an app based business requires finance. Let us take up this with an example, if you plan to have an offline confectionary store the amount of starting the business be a lump sum of 5 - 6 lacs factoring in the rental cost, the investment cost pertaining to the products, having an employee who manages the store, a guy responsible for the transportation of the goods and vehicle for the same. Hence the minimum investment required for such a store is 5 - 6 lacs and the store will only have its customer from around the area. On the contrary, investing the same amount to an app will open you to a large consumer base.

Even though this can't be your main goal yet you should always check about the expense of app development so it stays under your financial plan. Everybody searches for the best quality yet you ought to likewise watch that you get the best quality portable application in a most financially savvy way. Also, There is always someone who charges less but keeps in mind at what cost.

Henceforth check and recruit the organisation which has all the assets and framework to build up the application yet their expense of advancement is well under your assessed spending plan. You can likewise search for offshore application advancement organisations as they offer great application improvement work at moderate rates.

Check whether the app agency provides proper technical support and maintenance services. If you find an expert and dedicated mobile app development agency who also provides proper technical support and maintenance services then take a long term view and connect with them as they can provide you reliable services during and even post-development period. 

You will need them many times as you may need to update some features in your app or you may need to resolve some issues in your app in the future.

Agile Development: 

Agile development skills are highly required during the mobile app development process as it can easily accommodate the flexibility and continuous changes required in the app development process. This is one of the very important factors as the ability to make amends in the app in the development cycle will open your app for any new features.

Hence you should ask the selected agency whether they follow the Agile Development methodologies during the app development process or not. Select only the company which provides such kind of services.

An Amazing Portfolio with Required Technical Skills: 

You should ensure that your application developers have the necessary specialised abilities and are fully informed regarding the most recent front line tools and advancements that will add quality to your application. These tech abilities will ensure that your application gets conveyed as bug-free and in a smoothed out way which will bring about best execution and business achievement. 

These sort of developers likewise have astounding portfolios which show verification of their improvement aptitudes, experience, specialized abilities, and the capacity to implement new techniques to draw out the best outcomes.


A certain level of Creativity is required for the app development process to tackle and overcome certain issues faced during the development process. A developer's creativity always has a huge impact on the app, it can make or break an app’s UI/UX.


These were a few important things you need to keep in mind before you hire a perfect app developer for your mobile application.

Before signing off, we would recommend you to give sufficient time and thought before getting to any final decision regarding your mobile app developer.