Pratik Mistry (LiON)

I identify with the term ‘technologist’ even though my passion is helping companies grow their revenue by delivering top-of-the-line business automation solutions, thus building value-based partnerships. I am Pratik Mistry and i work as Senior Business manager at Radixweb. In my day to day work, I help companies transform and power their growth through cutting edge software solutions.

As a technology consultant, I speak and write on topics ranging from business transformation and strategies, emerging tech trends, innovation, and management. As a Project Manager, I enjoy the thrill of driving high-impact go-to-market strategies in the sectors of Customer Experience Management, Recruitment platforms, Insurance, Audit, and Compliance.

A Seasoned results-driven industry insider, with research and consulting experience of 20 years, paired with an analytical mind and lucid communication skills, I hold myself as a differentiator who can analyze, understand, explain and articulate information accurately. My specialty is security, both It and physical, as well as information governance.

My rich experience in the Software ecosystem has enabled me to develop leadership and management skills to ensure that my team is fluid in composition but reliable in deliverables. I am a highly competent-self starter who wakes up daily with a singular focus on enhancing business capabilities through digital transformation.