Debleena majumdar

Debleena is an entrepreneur, storyteller, journalist and author. She has over 18 years experience in Investment Banking, Investment Management and Impact Venture Capital across companies such as Lazard, GE, Fidelity, JP Morgan, Prudential, Unitus Ventures and Gray Matters Capital. Three years back, she turned entrepreneur, co-founding her first company, Kahaniyah which uses storytelling for improving business and learning outcomes. She is also the co-founder of an Education company, StoryEd, helping youth who are left out of formal education and employment pathways get their school-leaving certification. She is an investigative journalist for Economic Times Prime, covering Education and mergers and acquisitions. A published author, her first crime novel, A Marketplace for Murder, questions the very idea of murder. A practicing storyteller, she believes that words, numbers, pictures, silence, music: our authentic stories are around us. And more we find them and tell them, the more we live them.