Dheeraj Gupta

Dheeraj Gupta is India's most vocal advocate for franchising as a tool to deliver and maintain asset light models in the new economy. The founder of Jumboking, western India's leading QSR chain, Dheeraj is a keen meditator and a student of 'Focus' by Al Ries and Jack Trout. His innovator tag is supported amply by his dedication to training, which ensures operational excellence. This, coupled with oodles of resilience and humility, has made Dheeraj one of the most respected names in the Indian food industry. It's not just about the grey matter for this pioneer. Dheeraj is a regular marathoner, (has already run 9 editions of the Mumbai Marathon, and Hyderabad Triathlon 2015), avid reader of business biographies, with a special interest in incubating other young QSR models.