Dr.Sona Kaushal Gupta

I graduated and did my MBBS from the famous King Georges Medical University Lucknow in 1983.Then I did my post-graduation in Pathology and later in Medical Biochemistry. Presently I am an Assoc.Proff and HOD in the Deptt. of Biochemistry at Govt. Medical College DehraDun. My interest in human psychology made me drift into the world of Psychotherapy and Counselling after I did my Masters in Psychology from Mumbai.During my practice as a Neuro-psychologist I found that children and youth as well as adults esp their parents were a stressed lot and this stress led them to drug-abuse,alcoholism,depression and often suicide.I found that Counselings helped crease out a lot of their problems and de-stressed them.In 2012 I started my NGO by the name of PARI FOUNDATION and we started Awareness campaigns for the children in schools and colleges,about How to PREVENT Stress and subsequently Drug Abuse and Depression.There has been no looking back since then.