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Govind Rai

Govind Rai is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-Founder of Insomniacs, India's first and only real estate, data analytics, and technology network that seamlessly provides end-to-end sales and marketing solutions. At the company's helm, Govind is responsible for meticulously streamlining the company's vision and mission, future strategies, and business growth & development. He is also accountable for communicating the company's interests and viewpoints with government entities, shareholders, clients, and the general public. Govind is a Mumbai-based serial entrepreneur with over 10 years of comprehensive experience in the Real Estate domain. He academically excelled at the National Institute of Technology, Surat, where he was accredited as the national winner of Acceleration and Hill Climbing events organized by SAEINDIA Mini - BAJA, an internationally recognized automobile ATV competition. Immediately after completing his B.Tech, he commenced his professional career as Project Engineer at Wipro Technologies. He then joined Primeover Media Integrated Company, Gujarat, as Head of Marketing. In 2011, he joined INIT Design Studio as Director of Strategy and stayed there for over 7 years. Govind's entrepreneurial stint started with Insomniacs, however, in November 2018, he founded The Blueprint Asia, a marketing and advertising company driven by return-on-investment (ROI) approach. Furthermore, in April 2019, he started his latest venture, Totality-- the world's first platform aiding realtors to reduce Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) by a whopping 66%. On the back of his extraordinary skills and in-depth knowledge of real estate and entrepreneurial ecosystem, Govind has won multiple accolades, including the Proptech Innovator 2019 award for Totality at Realty Plus Proptech Summit, Real Estate Marketer Award 2020 at the Realty Plus Conclave, and also bagged a position in the top 50 Marketing Minds of India in Real Estate at the Realty Plus Marketing Minds awards. In response to his dynamic leadership style, Govind believes that a leader without a trustworthy and reliable team cannot sustain for a prolonged period. He reckons that an all-inclusive growth of the employees will naturally result in the company's absolute success. Through Insomniacs, Govind plans to strenuously work towards world dominance. He aspires to revolutionize the hitherto real estate market and become the numero uno player in the automated sales and marketing ecosystem by 2025. As the cherry on top, Govind is leading Insomniacs international penetration that is scheduled to commence in 2023. The brand has identified the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates as their initial global target markets. Outside of work, Govind is an avid motion picture enthusiast. Consuming content through OTT platforms or full-fledged movies irrespective of genres or language barriers is his favorite pastime. He believes that his content consumption methodologies hone productivity and aesthetic sharpness as they portray the world from an entirely different perspective. In terms of CSR activities, Govind is an active member of a Non-government Organization (NGO) called, Petiwala Foundation. He firmly believes in the philosophy of giving back to society and continues to work towards it by contributing significantly under the said NGOs umbrella.