Hajara AlAmodi

Hajara is a businesswoman and investor. Small and large-cap public and private securities, real estate, and independent businesses are part of her portfolio. She was born in India, grew up in the middle east and now lives in the USA. She was a founder and CEO of Waadi Corporation, an IT service company, with a presence in the US and India. She has also led and managed technical projects, with multimillion dollar budgets. Hajara is a board member at Comfort homes builders ltd, an Indian company in the real estate industry and Unisoft USA, a US company belonging to the tech sector. She believes in diversity and says that, the boardrooms across the globe need more female representatives and diversity. Businesses and shareholders need it for better returns on investments. She is a steering committee member at 2020Women on boards in the USA and works with the 30% Club in the Middle East. She is a speaker and likes to share her knowledge, when she can. She is frequently invited, to speak at universities and private organizations. She has been a panelist, at conferences, hosted by the Anita Borg Foundation, delivered speeches at Illinois Institute of Technology, in Chicago and many others. To, learn more about Hajara, you can visit https://www.hajaraalamodi.com .You can also reach her @ [email protected] or message her on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/hajaraalamodi .