Hiren Dhuvad

Mr Hiren Dhuvad is the Founder and CEO of Indigital Technologies LLP. Unleashing the power of innovativeness and disruptive technology, his role in the company focuses on new product launches and market expansion.  Founded in 2015, Indigital Technologies is a pioneer health-tech firm. It aims at digitizing the pharmaceutical marketing space by offering disruptive technological solutions. Indigital Technologies focuses on unique, implementable as well as impactful strategies targeted towards hospitals and clinics to make their experiences more connected and affordable than ever. At present, the company has a solid team of core healthcare and technology professionals and has a global presence in India, USA, and UAE. It has extensive experience in working with top global companies like Cipla, Pfizer, Abbott, Sun Pharma, and many more.  The pharma enthusiast is erudite with a strong educational background. After completing his HSC in Science stream from KN Shah Higher Secondary School, Modasa, Hiren pursued his BSc from Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Health Sciences with a first-class degree. Later, he earned his MBA degree from the Institute of Professional Education & Research, Bhopal with a specialization in Pharmaceutical Marketing. Hiren boasts more than 10 years of rich experience in the healthcare industry in Sales & Marketing segment predominantly. He commenced his career at the grassroots level as a medical sales representative with the pristine Johnson & Johnson. He has an extensive portfolio of working with leading companies like Abbott, USV, Unichem and few more. His core experience not just helped him to understand the functioning of the whole healthcare system but also the essentials of the doctor-patient-chemist ecosystem. It most likely helped him to set the foundation stone of his future endeavours.  The visionary realized that the Pharma sector still utilizes the age-old conventional methods of reaching out to doctors and is the least affected by technology. So, Hiren came up with seamless technology solutions to disrupt the pharmaceutical industry with Indigital Solutions. He states that the unique & innovative products, implementable strategies and the impeccable services of the company proudly set them apart from the rest of the contenders.  With this vision of digitizing the pharmaceutical industry, he looks up to Mr Mukesh Ambani as his inspiration and considers him a driving force. Mr Ambani’s way of steering the Reliance Industry and his passionate journey of becoming the industry leader has influenced him the most as a person.  Amidst his professional roles, Hiren finds solace in reading spiritual books & Biographies. One of his most influential books includes Dale Carnegie’s ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’. This book has radically changed his way of approaching people and has a deep influence on him whenever he reads it. What’s most interesting and calming for Hiren is reading the ‘Srimad Bhagwad Gita’. The spiritual read has helped him to understand the different meanings of life and how to look at life differently. Besides, Hiren enjoys solo walks in nature and practices yoga every day that boosts his inner being and helps him get going. The best leadership lesson of the visionary has been learning to inculcate the right team with the least intervention and provide them with the liberty to ensure a phenomenal performance. He believes that there should be empathy and a sense of purpose in everything we do to ensure outstanding results.  The visionary believes his biggest innovation and achievement so far is the patented Wifi Clinics that is also running successfully in the US. It has revolutionized the healthcare industry by offering patient education over Wifi without internet. Hiren states that this facility has reached over 25,000 doctor clinics and over 7 million patients to make their lives more convenient with a better understanding of diseases. With a belief in enjoying life to the fullest, he envisions to become an individual taking a leadership position on the global stage. In the next 5 years, he plans to expand the company in multiple countries and enjoy the leadership position that he enjoys presently in India. Hiren wishes to contribute to society by helping other individuals to achieve their objectives in life. In the future, the pharma enthusiast would like to expand the company into European markets and help the European pharmaceutical market to have the right technology-based products. He dreams of making his company become a global solution provider with its unique and technological solutions in the healthcare industry. Lastly, he advises the newbies starting their career to work hard immensely and follow their passion. Then success will be bound to come.