Kapil Mahajan

Kapil Mahajan is the Global CITO of Allcargo Logistics Ltd. With acute technical and business prowess, his expertise lies in crafting and executing strategic visions and technology roadmaps that seamlessly integrate with overarching business objectives. Regarded as a true pioneer in the realm of digital platforms, Kapil stands out as an early adopter of CAMSS (Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Social, and Security) strategies, implementing them effectively across a diverse spectrum of global and Indian clients. With a knack for managing intricate IT infrastructures, Kapil has played a pivotal role in establishing digital practices across various sectors for prominent global clients. Prior to his tenure at Allcargo and Safexpress group, Kapil honed his skills during a distinguished 14-year stint at IBM Global Services, which encompassed over 7 years of invaluable experience working across the United States, Europe, and SouthEast Asia. An individual driven by innovation, Kapil derives immense satisfaction from generating novel ideas and formulating pragmatic solutions to address wide-ranging challenges with relevance and impact.