Khevna Joshi

Khevna Joshi specialises in occult sciences and is an expert on tarot card reading, vastu and graphology. Practising since 8 years, Khevna regularly helps clients deal with their personal, emotional and professional challenges through tarot; vastu; crystal healing, graphology; colour therapy; word switching; graphologist; reiki; water therapy and numerology. Catering to clients of all ages, Khevna is adept with advising clients on a plethora of matters right from fears that a young child may possess, to the best career options for students, to challenges faced at work with solutions to overcome these challenges, to dealing with complex relationship matters, marriage related counselling, health and life conditions, financial improvement techniques as well as harmony for a peaceful home. Khevna is also one of the few metaphysics experts who specialises in “Corporate Calibre” wherein she advises clients in the professional arena to make the right business choices be it business growth, staff hiring, retention, technique that help improve team dynamics, business expansion. She also regularly conducts trainings and workshops to help impart the mystical gift to other keen occult science enthusiasts. To read more about Khevna’s predictions, discussions on personal growth and therapy related solutions, follow Khevna on @KhevnaSaysThat.