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What can Graphology do for the growth of your business?

In the recent past, many organisations reaching out to a graphologist to consult on matters related to talent management, growth and expansion, team building and even company profitability. Consulting a graphologist to make informed business decisions has  vital for many business leaders in the past and continues to be one of the most accurate non-intrusive tools to understanding people. 

What can Graphology do for the growth of your business?

Tuesday July 11, 2017,

6 min Read


An overview on Graphology

Have you considered that the reason behind your determination or innovative thinking is due to the curves and strokes in our handwriting? The mind is a powerful tool that emits energy and emotions through various means. Our handwriting is one of our most expressive outlets which we fail to consider. Graphology is the study and understanding of one’s handwriting. While most associate graphology a hobby, there has been an increasing trend of graphologist being associated with business leaders to help organizations make better and informed decisions. In the recent past, we have witnessed many organizations reaching out to a graphologist to consult on matters related to talent management, growth and expansion, team building and even company profitability.

How can Graphology help your business?

Business leaders are always looking for new insights to gain better understanding in ways to run their business - be it consumer mind-sets or investor sentiment or workforce drivers. Graphology enables business leaders to make strategic decisions in various matters such as perspective hires, managing current employees, identifying potential business partners, investors etc. Some ways by which graphology can help in one’s business are:

1. Allows employers at gauging employees better: While responses shared during interviews can be controlled and presented in a positive manner, with the help of graphologists, employers are better equipped to gauge traits such as honesty, work ethic, ambition, mental health, etc. Companies are increasingly investing time and effort to understand if the potential candidate shares company values and long term goals. This is where graphologists can assist recruiters make better hiring decisions.

2. Helps identify the right business partner: Often, when looking to partner, business leaders look for individuals who have very similar qualities and temperament as themselves. This is a potential mistake as competitiveness will arise and cause dissent. Being aware of the strengths and weaknesses in one partner or the other is a critical element while selecting a business partner. Therefore, it is important that the personal and professional qualities of each partner be assessed and understood. A trained graphologist can carefully examine the handwriting of each partner and accordingly build a personality profile capturing the abilities and negativities carefully weighed one against the other.

3. Helps in increasing company’s profitability: Several business leaders have been reaching out to Graphologists for assistance in matters related to risk mitigation, budgeting and forecasting, detecting dishonestly and malpractices, identifying problems amongst unions, internal malpractices and many other facets of running organisations. With the consultation of an expert and by making small (but significant), business leaders can be propelled to transform organisations which in the long run will help transform the overall business running and profitability.

Graphology’s role in managing talent:

Graphology can be enormously helpful in finding out which individuals are compatible, provide healthy competition for an efficient work environment based on similarities and differences, both good and bad, in their personalities. This knowledge has been a very powerful tool for businesses to move forward helping them to make informed choices as to how to work together and when to compromise if necessary. It can also a useful tool for team leaders to help improve functioning spotting problems with a particular executives, he or she may immediately looks into the individuals handwriting and try identify the problem through Grapho-therapy. While, this may not always provide solutions to all issues but it does provides a non-intrusive, non-confrontational tool for leaders to provide better management.

Graphology for business growth

Business leaders need to invest in their workforce if they wish to grow and graphology can help people improve concentration, focus, innovative thinking, etc. To give an example, let’s consider the significance of the cross on the letter “T”.


Example 1 of the cross of the “T”: If the cross on the t is quite high as shown in the first example of the above diagram it is indicative that the individuals usually unrealistic and sets unreasonable goals for themselves.

• Example 2 of the cross of the “T”: If the cross on the t is found towards the upper end of the alphabet as shown in the second example it shows the individual is realistic and has a good potential to grow further.

• Example 3 of the cross of the “T”: If the cross on the t is found towards the center of the alphabet, it shows that the individual has low personal goals.

• Example 4 of the cross of the “T”: The last and final t shown in the above example is indicative of individuals who have very low goals and underestimates themselves.

Graphologist can help identify such traits and ask the person to focus on positioning the cross on the t a little above the centre as shown in the second position in the above example helping them work on self-confidence and determination issues.

Graphology is also implemented in business logo design. Business logos are considered to a company’s signature and the traits associated with it the logos have the ability to attract or dissuade clients and customers. Business leaders need to understand the importance of logo design in customer retention ability and company branding. Fonts, colors, shapes, upper or lower cases can have a welcoming effect and vary from one industry to another all of which graphologist help address. While the information shared in the article is true a holistic knowledge of Graphology is important as tips shared are indicative examples.

Handwriting tips for business leaders to identify team personality traits:

For entrepreneurs running businesses, it is difficult to ascertain if a team can actually work together. An individual’s personality is considered to be not only the behavioural characteristics of an individual but also mental cues which make each and every individual unique. Changes in our emotional health due to environment and situations do have an impact on us and this manifest itself in minutiae changes in our handwriting. While handwriting flow largely remains steady, the written medium is quite an expressive tool of the sub conscience. Following are some tips for business leaders who are looking to team building and bonding initiatives:


• To identify extroverts within the team: A larger size handwriting means person is an extrovert and outgoing, displaying confidence, they focus on result and on end result.

• To identify thinkers within the team: Small size handwriting is seen in thinkers with good focus on small detailing and show keen insight on

• To identify a team player: A curvy connected handwriting usually indicates the person is open to bonding and teamwork.

While tips and indicators shared by analysts remain helpful, sentence structure and flow remain key to creating an accurate profile and better understanding of personality. Hence business leaders should look to consult experts as assessment from a handful of strokes can be misleading. While some may remain sceptical about this science, insights shared through graphology have proven fruitful in several of aspects of business. Graphology experts have been key for various business leaders in the past and continues to be one of the most accurate non-intrusive tools to understanding people. Graphology has been helping individuals for decades and it’s time for more and more businesses to explore how handwriting analysis can help them scale.