Mangesh Panditrao

Mangesh Panditrao is the Co-founder & CEO of Shoptimize, a high-tech product company that aims to help D2C brands thrive by unearthing business insights and leveraging an AI engine that analyzes millions of data points and connects the dots. In his current role, he is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the business, including strategy, direction, growth, fundraising, and much more. Mangesh is also in charge of Shoptimize’s overall growth and expansion. An engineering graduate from the Pune College of Engineering, Mangesh also holds a Master’s degree from Purdue University, USA, and has worked in several consulting roles. He began his professional career as a software engineer at Infosys. Following that, he worked with Stanley Technologies, JDA Software Group, and Exact Software, where he was responsible for supply chain management and software implementation. Furthermore, Shoptimize isn’t his first entrepreneurial stint; Mangesh is the Founder of Niyuj, a software solutions company that helps in product development. Mangesh's inspiring journey began post his university days when he returned to India to understand entrepreneurship and started Niyuj, after which he established Shoptimize. His story reflects his unrelenting passion, commitment, and perseverance. His keen business acumen and extensive experience have helped him achieve several milestones throughout his career. Mangesh envisions Shoptimize to provide a lot of value to customers and attain $10 million in GMV in the next 12 to 18 months with the accelerator program alone. Over the next five years, he aims for Shoptimize to be a $100 million+ company and the key growth enabler for D2C eCommerce brands. Mangesh lives in Pune, with his wife and two kids. A sports enthusiast, Mangesh has represented Maharashtra at the national level in rowing. He likes to play soccer and hockey and also enjoys listening to music to let off steam. He also serves as a mentor at a few incubators, where he assists early-stage entrepreneurs by teaching them how to raise capital, develop business plans, and hire a team.