Mrignayni Pandey

Ever since I was a kid, stories have fascinated me. The idea that men can write so much and in so many tones and voices- patronizing and denouncing, reveling and mourning, concurring and denouncing, soothing and inciting emotions- enthralls me. It is enchanting how everything around us has a story to tell, a picture to paint. The ceaseless chatter of the world is nothing short of wondrous. There are endless stories to tell and always new ones to weave. As a child, I spent countless hours sitting on the broad window sill, with my feet braced against the outline of the window sill, peering out, seeing endless passerby, vehicles rambling on the streets and stray animals loitering their way past. In each object, person and animal, I tried to imagine the embedded story and wallow them in my cartwheels of prose and somersaults of imagination. 

By the time I got to college, I had been a rotary club debater, winner of Times of India reading program, written for the school magazine and magazines like Harit Sankalp and Udaan. In college I had the chance to be editor of the department magazine, rapporteur lectures as the executive and participate in the creative writing club of the college. It was in a seminar with half baked beans, when I was introduced to the world of publishing, that I felt anybody could be a writer and publish. I researched on marketing, tried to explore the word of self-publishing and got into digital marketing.  

Digital Marketing opened a new world for me. As a kid I felt that google features only prominent personalities and people who have made a difference, but when I got into digital marketing I realized that that was not so. Almost anybody could be a part of the online community and reach out to the world out there. 

To illuminate other students on the invaluable information I had imbibed, I proposed to join a group of programming enthusiasts who were leading the first Tech society in our college, Boolean. I had the honor of being among the first core members of the team, the General Secretary and then the track head of digital marketing module. Soon enough, I was invited to hold my first graphic designing workshop along with core member Ritesh Soun to hold on behalf of Boolean. I started networking a lot, and interned with Brandhype and Antariksh to get more industry experience. 

Now, I spend most of my time working on my debut novel (visit, ) and freelance as an editor and digital marketer to earn some shillings:)