Pankajj Ghode

A passionate leader with a flair for innovation, Mr Pankajj Ghode is the Co-Founder and CEO of Agri10x, world’s first Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain enabled Global e-Marketplace that connects Farmers, FPOs, Traders and Suppliers. A serial entrepreneur with a rich experience of more than 19 years in the domains of Enterprise IT, IT Strategy, Digital Transformation, System Integrators, Captives, and the Start-up ecosystem, Mr Ghode knows what truly drives conversions, corporate transformations and growth hacks. Known for his extraordinary vision and unmatched expertise, Mr Ghode launched Agri10x in 2019 after extensive research of 3 years that moved upwards from the grassroots-level. Right from farm visits to identifying issues and understanding the concerns of the unorganized agriculture sector, to providing digitized solutions for processes of warehousing, assessment and post-harvest, to successfully launching a mobile app, trading platform, smart card and an Agri10x e-mart; Mr Ghode and his core team at Agri10x have addressed multiple touch points and developed the world’s first AI and Blockchain-led agritech platform. Prior to launching Agri10x, Pankajj was a Digital Expert and Cyber Security Expert working for the Government of India. He has also driven end-to-end solutions for various domains – including Telecom, Media, High-Tech, Banking, Health, Automotive, Travel, Investment, Retail and Agriculture in his previous tech and entrepreneur-led roles. A dedicated and committed team leader, Mr Ghode believes disruptive technology is the key to positive social change worldwide.