Parth Chadha

Parth Chadha, a name synonymous to the person who never misses his target, is a man of great passion and ambition. He is the Founder & CEO of EWar Games. Parth has always been a keen lover of building tech products from scratch. He completed his graduation in Information Science from Ramaiah Institute of Technology. He has a brief entrepreneurial stint with friends in college building a b2b solution for retail. In later years, post his graduation, Parth worked with JP Morgan for almost 3 years building internal fintech solutions in the investment banking space. Being a huge fan of mobile gaming himself has made him always want to explore something new and innovative in the gaming industry. Based on his own experiences and challenges, he has formulated the blueprint of a system that provides a one-stop platform for gamers, with the number of different gaming options. Parth gave shape to his Idea with the launch of EWar games app in Jan 2019. With his expertise and knowledge in the industry, Parth is also focused towards helping young and emerging game developers, by giving them a platform to submit their games. With EWar Parth is aiming to reach out to the gamers of different interests, and geography by providing the gaming experience in 8 separate vernacular languages.