Understanding community-driven marketing and promotions in the gaming industry

Community-driven marketing is ought to become the new normal, and gaming brands are all set to revolutionise the marketing game with personalised events and promotion plans.

Understanding community-driven marketing and promotions in the gaming industry

Friday December 17, 2021,

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The gaming industry in India reached an all-time high amidst the COVID-19 pandemic when people from all age groups and walks of life explored the arena of online gaming, and understood the intricacies of the gaming industry.

With this increased interest and changes in consumer behaviour, brands operating in the gaming industry and other allied industries are investing more aggressively in marketing and promotions, especially around the tremendous gaming boom.

While in the pre-pandemic era, traditional marketing techniques such as broadcast and newspaper advertisements were dominant, a new plethora of marketing options have come to the spotlight in the post-pandemic times, wherein social media and digital marketing have taken the forefront.

At the same time, community-driven promotions have emerged as a major marketing channel for today’s gaming platforms and companies.

The need for community-driven marketing

According to Salesforce, about 84 percent of consumers prefer to be treated as a living entity rather than just seen as a number. Today, consumers are not merely seen as a business-generating commodity but as valued individuals who offer something to the brand.

Harnessing this very concept of connecting people to the brand, the gaming industry — like many other industries — is swiftly moving towards community-driven marketing and promotion techniques that help them in generating a pool of involved and loyal customers. 

Furthermore, community-driven marketing helps gaming companies in the following ways:

  • In reaching the niche target audience in the gaming industry
  • In setting up 1-2-1 or team/group-based conversations that are key to generating brand presence
  • Can record real-time results and outcomes through community-based promotional strategies
  • Generate an authentic and transparent platform for feedback, pivotal to the improvement and growth of gaming brands, especially startups or early-stage companies.

A solid roadmap for community-driven marketing

The first step is to develop communities. Brands can work with existing groups, or if necessary, can work on a plan to create their own communities.

Here, marketers need to start conversations, create opportunities for their communities (like events or groups), and create traditions and regularly interact with these community members to keep the palpability and excitement alive.

The core of community-driven marketing is to develop genuine relationships and indulge with the audience in meaningful activities. This is a time-consuming but effective marketing technique, wherein booth appreciations and criticisms have to be well recorded for the growth of the community and the brand.

What are the benefits of community-driven marketing and promotions for gaming brands and companies? Let’s take a look. 

Enhanced consumer experience

Unlike online distant promotions, a customer’s ability to interact with brand stakeholders helps them feel valued. They also feel responsible for reviewing the products or games and sharing honest feedback in the hope of acknowledgement or improvement.

This way, gaming app users can become a part of their family, and, in the long run, become the brand ambassadors for the games, promoting them among others. Sharing experiences of this connectivity with other gamers also helps others to develop an interest in the gaming platform.

Develops game loyalty

If a gamer connects to a particular gaming platform and interacts regularly about the pros and cons of their gaming experience, they would likely connect to the brand and become loyal gamers who will stay for a lifetime.

For instance, the oldest of games, such as Mario, has millions of loyal gamers who promoted the game for generations. Just like the old times, when the only form of promotion was the word of mouth publicity, community-driven promotions also work on the same path. Through this approach, new-age gaming brands can develop a constant and symbiotic relationship.

Consumer humanization

In the gaming industry, sports are a way to connect with consumers and provide value to them through wins and recognition. This helps them feel connected to the game in the true sense, and more than a game, it becomes a sport and passion for many. It allows the members of the gaming event to share their honest opinions and fruitful discussions can lead to favourable outcomes for the brands.


Nowadays, gaming brands are increasingly realising that communities are a powerful way of generating brand advocacy that generates loyalty for their games, products, and services.

Hence, community-driven marketing is ought to become the new normal, and gaming brands are all set to revolutionise the marketing game with personalised events and promotion plans.

Even if organised digitally, the visual connection via curated and loyal communities will take the promotions and brand growth to phenomenal levels of growth and success.

Edited by Suman Singh

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