Pradeep Chauhan

I am an Internet Marketing Maestro who has years of experience in the digital marketing field. Throughout my career, the driving force has been my inquisitive nature which urges me to find answers to the most pressing questions. I have garnered accolades for devising coherent digital marketing strategies for my business venture – GlobalHunt Technologies.

I have an eye to detail which has created a strong foundation for my company and in providing ace services to my clients. I have an inclination towards Website Development and SEO, which are the root cause that I am proactive in strategy planning for excellent services. I believe to adhere to the latest technologies and practices. I consider myself as avant-garde and have a knack of incorporating art-of-the-state techniques to provide our clients unique and stupendous services.


Website Design & Development, Mobile Application, Software Application

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) [Local SEO, Ecommerce SEO, Enterprise SEO

SEM / PPC Advertising [Search, Mobile, Display, Re-marketing, Shopping /PLA, Social, Video, Apps]

Video Marketing [Video SEO, Youtube Optimisation]

PPC Campaign Management (Search Engine Marketing - SEM) for E-commerce websites

Social Media Marketing