Make your content more efficient with 5 content marketing tools

Make your content more efficient with 5 content marketing tools

Saturday May 20, 2017,

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Content marketing is the best way to educate customers about anything. It is an excellent medium to create brand awareness and connect to audience immediately. While content marketing plays an important role in brand building, it requires huge efforts and serious work to make it a hit.

Here is a quick list of 5 content marketing tools; you can use to build a successful content marketing campaign:

Mailchimp: Mailchimp is a platform which is used to send messages to hundreds and thousands of people in a click. The efficiency and speed of delivering messages without any delay, makes Mailchimp a necessity for marketers across the world. It allows user to setup email list, send or schedule email campaigns and track responses of receipts.

To send blog post to your mailing list automatically, link your blog RSS feed directly into Mailchimp. In this way all your mailing list will receive updated information, automatically. is one of the best platforms to create infographics. It will help to create graphical representation of any idea easily. Infographic is best option to boost the popularity of content.

Infographic can create a complete picture in front of your audience in less time. It can do, what thousands of words would fail to. allows creating different type of infographics with thousands of available template options. In case you don’t find anything suitable, it allows uploading your own template to build infographics.

Atomatic Ally: Everyone wants to have a strong impact on their audience, but most of the time it seems to be quite difficult to predict or measure the possible outcomes. Sometime it becomes difficult to examine your own writing over different parameters and connect the dots before publishing.

Well, Atomic Ally can fix this for you. This content marketing tool will analyze your write-ups on the basis of some important factors. After analyzing the blog post content, it will give a detailed feedback about the impact of content on audience based on 20 different factors.

Hubspot: Hubspot is a complete package to get all the work done. It is famous among marketers for creating effective blog post, landing pages and have other marketing techniques which will boost your content marketing strategy.

This tool comes with capabilities like social media analytics and message scheduling etc.

GIMP: Good images always increase the beauty of content. It creates a lasting impact on readers in many ways. But creating such images is quite difficult, and most of the content marketers are still depend on Photoshop to create such images.

If you are not satisfied with Photoshop or find it way too difficult to use and looking for some alternative tool, than GIMP is the end of your search. It is free and filled with all the important components which makes image editing easy.

Content is king. Use these tools, to enhance the way you present your content among audience. It will improve your credibility and nurture a healthy and lasting relationship with your readers.