Pranjal Kamra

Edifying over 1.3 million investors in India with in-depth market insights, Pranjal Kamra is the Founder and CEO of Finology, India’s biggest financial education and one-stop investment platform. At Finology, Pranjal holds the baton for Strategic Initiatives, Capital Allocation, and is also the face of the brand on its YouTube channel. The foray of Pranjal to the equity market was rather coincidental as he was still pursuing B.A. L.L.B. (Hons.) from Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur back then. The market first caught his attention while watching a TV show with his father. After depicting interest, his father gave him the opportunity to manage a sum of Rs. 20,000. Within 10 months, Pranjal multiplied the investment by 10-fold and got hooked onto the market thereafter. Later, he enrolled himself in a Post Graduate Program of National Institute of Securities Market. Since then, Pranjal has been extending all of his domain knowledge and insights to the Indian investors via his YouTube channel and the Finology platform. Finology was launched in 2017 with a singular vision to help Indian investors in every possible way. It includes basic and advanced financial education, access to Enterprise-grade research tools, and wealth management insights that are free of financial selling, thereby truly democratizing the market for everyone. His constant efforts have received a support of over 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube. They have also made Finology the first SEBI-registered firm based out of Chattisgarh. In order to simplify investments for modern investors, Pranjal has recently launched ‘Ticker’ for making in-depth research and relevant correlations easier. Pranjal deeply values the role of a team in an organization and considers it as the biggest asset of the company. The sense of togetherness that prevails in the team has enabled Finology to maintain a low attrition rate throughout the past 18 months of its operations. Other than work, Pranjal loves reading, playing Tabla, video games, and cricket. He also cannot resist analyzing companies, reading annual reports, and studying their promoters during his leisure time – being the true workaholic that he is, after all!