Prashant Kumar

Prashant Kumar is the Co-founder of Zingbus. Prashant co-founded zingbus in 2019 and the bus line is already the highest rated in the country across digital platforms and social media. A 2014 alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, Prashant has a wide array of experience in leading teams to success in business strategy, operations, finance, and supply chain management as he has worked both with esteemed and diverse brands like Flipkart & Oyo and start-ups like ZipGo. He achieved praiseworthy successes in each of his profiles. For Flipkart he handled the launch of third-party warehouses across the country. At Oyo, he designed and launched multiple campaigns to minimize the unhappy feedback for 180+ Oyo’s exclusive partner properties. He also led Oyo Life product in Bangalore.At the intercity bus vertical ZipGo, Prashant piloted and ran the model for 18 months and scaled it up to Rs 20 crore GMV across 4 routes.