Rajat Kumar

Rajat Kumar is Marketing Head @ Brand Samosa. He is one of the founding members of Brand Samosa.

He is currently 19 y/o and learning the art of building businesses in modern world. Read more before judging.

As the Marketing Head of Brand Samosa, he has helped the company grow to 5000+ community members, generated 1000s of leads & Rs. 55+ Lacs in annual revenue; all within a span of just 1 year.

Early 2018, He joined NEXEL World and led the community to 6000+ members spread across 17 countries & 35 cities across India, Middle East & Africa.

He has been a founding member of a team that organised 15+ events including NEXEL Boot Camp, Leverage LinkedIn, Start-up Haveli, The People Equation & Meetups for 1000s of young entrepreneurs and leaders in total.

Send him a message on Instagram or LinkedIn to discuss some crazy world changing ideas, out stories or maybe an idle chatter (if we like each other).