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Ultimate Ways to Generate Leads in 2020 Using LinkedIn

Ultimate Ways to Generate Leads in 2020 Using LinkedIn

Saturday March 28, 2020,

4 min Read

We built Brand Samosa entirely on this professional platform, LinkedIn.

A year back, the company started from a WhatsApp Group to making Rs. 55+ Lacs of revenue in the first year of the operations.

I read a post today which said, "I received 3 Leads Today From LinkedIn. LinkedIn Do Generate Leads."

Yes, it does.

Reading that post, I realized that people are not aware that you CAN generate Leads through LinkedIn.

And, It's true as well. People are not able to generate leads for themselves through LinkedIn.

Here are the reasons Why You're Not Able To Generate Leads Through LinkedIn

While generating leads through LinkedIn, there are somethings that you've to do before creating Content or sending out a message to your potential customers. If you are not taking care of the following things, you'll not be able to generate leads.

1. Profile Optimization

Profile Optimization - Rajat Kumar

If your profile is not optimized for the RIGHT KEYWORDS, you'll not be able to attract your potential customers. If you're not able to tell your profile visitors, how you can help them. You'll not be able to generate inbound leads.

1. Headline: If your profile says that you're the Founder or Head of Sales @ XYZ Company. It doesn't matter. Because your potential customers don't know you and if someone is looking for a web development company, they will be searching "Web Development Agency" instead of "Founder" or by your company name.

Solution: Integrate Keywords In Your Profile.

2. Summary: If your summary is not set in a way that builds your image as an expert in your domain, then you're under utilizing the summary section of your profile. There are a few objectives that your profile should achieve:

(a) It should Build Your Image as a domain expert.

(b) It should tell whom do you help? For example: In my case, I help B2B Businesses & Startups.

(c) It should explain how you can help? In my case, I can help in Online Reputation Building, Lead Generation & Marketing.

(d) It should build credibility. Your profile should tell your target audience how you are different from others and why they should contact you for help?

Solution: Build your profile, keeping in mind that you're an expert in your domain.

2. Right Target Audience

Target Audience - LinkedIn Marketing - Rajat Kumar

Another mistakes most founders, entrepreneurs, and marketers make while generating leads through LinkedIn is Reaching Out to Wrong Target Audience.

If you are into the IT industry and your target audience is companies who are looking to build their own apps.

Then, you should reach to them instead of randomly connecting with everybody. Be it Consultants, Students, or other Entrepreneurs. Because they are not your target audience, and they are not going to pay you.

Solution: Using LinkedIn You Can Connect With Your Potential Customer Very Easily Using Their Filter Feature While Searching

3. Content Creation

Content Creation - Rajat Kumar

People love to ask for help from Domain Experts & People who have delivered some results previously.

One of the best ways to generate leads and establish yourself as an expert in your domain is Creating Content.

Here are the Types of Content You Should Create:

Domain-Specific Content: You should create content that is related to your niche and domain. For me, it's Marketing, Specifically - LinkedIn Marketing.

Problem Solving Content (For Your Potential Customers): You should talk more about the problems & solutions of your target audience. For example: If your target audience is entrepreneurs & you have IT Services. You don't always have to create Content related to IT. You can also talk about more problems of Entrepreneurs, e.g., Team Building, Finance, Lead Generation, etc.

Solution: Create content that establishes you as a domain expert and solves the problem of your potential customers.


If you are not doing these 3 things i.e.

  1. Profile Optimization
  2. Reaching Out To RIGHT Target Audience
  3. Content Creation

You'll never be able to Generate Leads For Your Business.

What We can do for you?

I understand being a business owner, entrepreneur or a freelancer, you cannot do everything by yourself and you know what, YOU SHOULD NOT.

If you'll be focusing own Marketing or Generating Leads, Who will be Handling Sales? Or Operations? or Expansion of your business?


I also know, you are smart enough to understand that the things I mentioned are more important to taken care of instead of Lead Generation because Business Expansion & Managing Operations & Clients is a long-term investment in your business.

That's one of the reasons you should OUTSOURCE your marketing department.

If you are looking forward to Generating More Leads Through LinkedIn. Let me know in the comment section below. I would love to help you.