Reshma Budhia

Reshma Budhia is the Director at TOSS the COIN Pvt Ltd. Reshma is a Certified Design Thinking Specialist from Emeritus MIT Sloan School of Management and has completed her PG Diploma in Innovation & Design Thinking. She is the Director at TOSS the COIN. This is an 8-years old marketing consulting firm, working with small and large enterprises as their extended CMO office. Reshma has been in the domain of marketing for the past 16 years. She works with companies to conceptualize and build marketing roadmap using emerging technology solutions. Her key role includes brand & strategy consulting, content creation, UX/UI consulting and growth strategy planning & execution. She is a specialist in design thinking methodologies and uses it to build innovative solutions. Using her expertise in design Thinking, she has designed various corporate workshops on basics of Design Thinking, Visual Branding, Corporate Storytelling, Presentation Mastery, to name a few. An MBA in Marketing from Symbiosis University, Reshma has pursued several short-term courses at IIMB, IDEOU and a DT certification with MIT Sloane. Reshma is an avid reader and consumes content like candies. She is passionate about right to education and has worked with multiple social organizations to promote education. Reshma believes in the power of collaboration and plays the role of a facilitator for various community service initiatives. Reshma is the Co-founder at Gift Your Organ Foundation. The foundation works to create awareness on the importance of organ donation in India.