Rutu Mody Kamdar

Rutu Mody Kamdar is the Founder Director of Jigsaw Brand Consultants. An academician turned consultant, now running a strategic branding agency, Rutu has always enjoyed the multiple hats she has worn. Her interests (teaching, research & consulting) have been complementary in nature and have helped her carve out a distinct space for her organisation-Jigsaw which She set up in 2016. They are deep-rooted in their discipline, with a very strong and sound understanding of brands, behavior and business.Jigsaw as the name suggests is a coming together of all the disciplines that help in building a brand. From consumer research and insight mining to strategic brand planning, design and communication, She set up Jigsaw with a motive to assimilate all the aspects of branding under a single roof. Apart from this, She enjoys writing, speaking and teaching. Most of which she tries and does quite regularly through forums, publications and b-schools.She is a visiting Professor at some of the most reputed institutions like NMIMS, IAE Aix University, France, SP Jain School of Global Management. She has a PhD in consumer behavior.