Sachin Shukla

Sachin Shukla is the founder of UPDEED. Sachin, a dynamic personality with a heart of gold, holds immense respect for people who selflessly devote themselves to the service of humanity. He laid the foundation of UPDEED with his conviction and commitment keeping two virtues in mind- Appreciation and Gratitude. Being tech-savvy and a mentor to many start-ups, he believes that connections built on the foundation of these two magic words and empowered by technology have far-reaching constructive consequences and the potential to change the course of humanity. He aims to develop a potential networking platform that connects changemakers around the world to amplify and magnify their impact on individuals and society. Hence, with unprecedented enthusiasm, the concept of UPDEED was born. It is overwhelming to see similar energy levels amongst its UPDEEDers as they imbibe Sachin’s vision composing the symphony of love, peace, and harmony. Sachin is Oil and Gas Professional with over 14 years of experience. As a logical risk taker, Sachin has been creating elegant solutions to solve complex problems in upstream drilling business through technology and leadership. Having demonstrated the potential of leveraging human-centered design, Operations and technical supply chain management, he has overseen the creation of hundreds of transformational solutions that boast both leadership and forward-looking function. Sachin's skill set involves General Management, Team Management, Operations Management, Asset planning, Internet Technology, Behaviour design, mentoring and creating startups.