Sandy Hooda

Co-Founder @ VEGA SCHOOLS | Changemaker | Disrupting how we teach with PBL(problem based learning).

Sandy Hooda, the co-founder of Vega Schools in Gurgaon, firmly believes that the “one-size-fits-all” approach to education is designed to fail. He states that when children have different personalities, traits, and skills, getting them all to fit into a single style of teaching is counter productive.

His personal experiences and his desire to change the largely uninspiring and boring classroom experience to do something for India is what led him to shift gears from his career in hospitality and technology to start from scratch in education. A first-generation entrepreneur, Sandy Hooda, graduated from Shriram College of Commerce, Delhi.

Vega Schools are CBSE based schools and the first school opened in Gurgaon in 2015, Vega is an innovative school that aspires to make learning fun and relevant for children. It breaks all the traditional moulds of a regular school – there are no classrooms, no teachers. Instead, the school has educators referred to as ‘learning leaders’ who instill the spirit of motivation for learning and help imbibe innovation, resilience and problem-solving traits in all children.

Sandy Hooda co-founded the Vega Schools along with Dr. Steve Edwards, an outstanding educator and a global expert in Problem-based learning. The school’s leadership board has some of the most admired educators in the world including David Price, OBE (a bestselling author, musician and educator across the UK, Singapore, and Australia) and Andy Raymer, a former Head Teacher who played an instrumental role in the creation of Mathew Moss, one of the top-ten (21st century) schools in the world.

Sandy believes that education should not be about delivering one-way lectures and getting children to pass tests. Instead, it should equip them for a rapidly changing world of the future. To succeed in the fast-evolving world, children must learn to develop skills to learn, to adapt and to be resilient. His mission in life is to inspire and transform a new generation of life-long learners. He believes that instead of teaching children, we must inspire and teach them to be successful in life.