Sanjay Borkar

Sanjay Borkar is the CEO & Co-Founder of FarmERP. Mr. Sanjay has been working towards the digitization of Agriculture since 1996 and is passionate in his mission to transform Agriculture, Biotechnology and the Food industry through innovative and smart IT platforms. He holds an Engineering degree in Computer Science from the University of Pune (India). His focus areas are Sustainability, Climate resilience, Traceability and Food safety as FarmERP works towards the Sustainable Development Goals provided by the UN, of Zero Hunger and Climate Change. Mr. Sanjay hails from an agricultural background and is aware of the problems the farming community faces on a daily basis, that is the reason that the founders of the organisation are both extremely keen on serving this sector. Mr. Sanjay Borkar and Mr. Santosh Shinde have developed this technology platform, with a thought and a pioneering vision that it could be used for efficient farm management and can lead to massive savings, in terms of time, resources and money. Their institution serves farmers, contract farming companies, FPO’s and FPC’s, funding agencies, trade bodies, research and development agencies, financial institutions, Corporates, and Government bodies as well. FarmERP presently has its foothold in 25+ countries, and is a significant enterprise in the domain of AgTech, worldwide. FarmERP has worked on revolutionary projects across the Agricultural value chain, and looks forth to continuously aid every stakeholder.