DRONITECH is a sub-brand of the parent company Drovation Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Drones are the need of the hour, this industry is expanding rapidly and the time is now to step into this field and make use of its full potential. Keeping this in mind we have started Droni Tech as a full services Drone/UAV company where we provide every end of the spectrum from flying training to services to manufacturing.

DRONITECH manufactures UAVs, develops software to compliment a wide variety of industrial applications. Our UAV technology is indigenously designed by the best of engineers to be compliant with UAV regulations and policies across the globe while being perfectly capable of working in the harshest of conditions.

DRONITECH also builds custom drones according to specific customer requirements, we also provide services related to Infrastructure, inspections, surveys, surveillance, and media.

Get in touch and we are sure to take you and your business up to the skies!

Website: www.dronitech.com