Shikha Kumar

Shikha Kumar, Co-Founder & Director, Nino Bambino. A proud mother of two, Shikha has developed the concept of Nino Bambino along with her husband, who is also the founder of the brand, Mr. Vickram Kumar. They founded Nino Bambino in the year 2014.she is an erudite with a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management from Delhi. It was her choice to become an entrepreneur and help society by offering them an organic-friendly environment. The idea behind starting the venture is to offer organic and eco-friendly clothing and accessories designed uniquely and desirably for babies. Shikha believes that implementing ideas is everything. She advises young entrepreneurs starting their careers to follow their passion, work hard, and do what the heart says by staying organized. Going forward, she wishes to expand the brand’s wide range of baby clothing lines solely crafted with organic and sustainable fabrics.