Smita Bajoria

Smita Bajoria is not only a successful entrepreneur and renowned businessperson, but is also a social worker, an award-winning equestrian and an avid art enthusiast. She is one of India's foremost businesswomen and leaders, with years of experience in industries including insurance, healthcare, arts, education and e-commerce. She is an active Director in the SK Bajoria Group, the multinational conglomerate and has added immense business value to the companies and projects under her umbrella over the years. She has also created the Ganges Art Gallery, which since September 2007 has been showcasing art from India and around the world. Now her aim is to enter the telemedicine industry and within 5 years becomes one the best marketplaces and healthcare providers in the country. Her passion for telemedicine is rooted in her desire to help the masses in the country who require quality and affordable medical care, and to be a changemaker in terms of providing top notch digital medical facilities.