Sparsh Khandelwal

Sparsh Khandelwal, Founder & CEO, Stylework, aims to make co-working accessible and convenient for all working individuals in India. A 25-year-old bright young entrepreneur, he always wanted to live the dream of being an entrepreneur and inspire more individuals who share a similar dream along the way. He initiated modular architecture research in his 3rd year of B.Tech, which came in as an opportunity today to use his skillsets as a successful co-working aggregator. He then set out to become the founder and lead executive at Cubes.  Khandelwal’s research design rested on a nested loop as an automated shared economy which manifests into the introduction of a tech-enabled co-working platform that aggregates, manages and handles flexible workspaces for customers with relevant space, ensuring a great experience every time!   As an entrepreneur in an ever-evolving business environment, times can get tough. But he stood firm and aims to provide people with everything they need from the get-go, and the need to stay motivated to accomplish it. Stylework is on a path to changing the way individuals think of their workspace with its unconventional approach. He believes one can develop creative capacity, entrepreneurial confidence, perseverance, grit and acquire the necessary skills to build scalable start-ups that solve real problems.    Through Stylework, he is enabling technology-driven updates, with a special focus on customization of client’s requirements and provide an ease of working anywhere with multi-locational passes through Stylework.