Srinivas Uppaluri

Srinivas Uppaluri (Srini) is a mentor and advisor, guiding organizations towards strategic change, nurturing strong customer relationships, innovative go-to-market approaches and campaigns, and building sustainable capabilities. He is an accredited leadership coach who enables CEOs, CXOs, and business and functional heads to build leadership capabilities that align with their organization’s strategic goals. Srini has a unique combination of having been an Advisor as well as being a Senior Executive. As an Advisor, he has guided several organizations in understanding their trade-offs and implementing strategic changes and building future ready organizations. As a Senior Executive, he has effectively championed and led the organization through several changes. With his wide experience, he helps the coachees in shaping up the right vision. The range of work he has done includes helping coachees to build more strategic outlook to their roles, professionalize management approach, enhance communication effectiveness, address self-limiting beliefs and successfully transition to new roles. Srini was the Global Head of Marketing at Infosys. Prior to that, as a management consultant with Andersen Business Consulting and Pricewaterhouse Coopers, he has advised global corporations, governments, trade missions, public sector companies, privately held companies, and aid agencies. Srini is author of the book Switch: Sales Transformation for Strategic Advantage (published by Westland). Srini Leadership coaching Case study was included in Are you ready for the corner office? Insights from 25 Executive Coaching Experiences.