Swayam Prakash Agrawal

Swayam Prakash Agrawal is the Founder and CEO of Aarika Innovation. Swayam is an accomplished professional with an MS in Computer Science from BITS Pilani and a B.Tech in Computer Science from BIT Durg, Chhattisgarh. With six years of experience as a Senior Software Developer at Bank of America and Cognizant, he has demonstrated exceptional technical proficiency. Motivated by a passion for saving lives, he embarked on a venture to develop cutting-edge products aimed at preventing fatalities in various industries. Prior to this, he ran Avvio Tech since 2012, gaining valuable entrepreneurial experience. Swayam is recognized for his technical prowess, analytical mindset, and dedication to innovative solutions. He excels in collaborating with cross-functional teams and delivering high-quality software solutions. With a strong work ethic and adaptability, he continues his journey of making a positive impact through technology solutions.