Sylvia Hii

(Social Entrepreneur, Multichannel Marketing Expert & Coach) Sylvia is a born social entrepreneur, who has tried her hand in the business world at her early 20’s. Held from Malaysia, graduated from Bemidji State University Minnesota USA and got her first job as personal banker at Bank of America San Francisco. She spent her first 4 years in the banking and finance sector. Somehow, she has passion in starting her own business. At the aged 25, she met her mentor Roger Hamilton (a renowned wealth guru) and later joined hand with 2 partners and setup up Social Entreprenuers’ Club in Bangalore and promoting social entrepreneurship and running various workshops in India. After she got married in 2007, she left the business world and joined an NGO named Aashwasan founded by Rashmi Aiyappa (a renowned spiritual guru) for 3 years. During this period of time, she developed her strong skills in training, counselling, coaching and mentoring. After delivered her daughter in 2008, Sylvia took 1 year of sabbatical breaks. In 2009, she re-joined the corporate world and worked for Indegene Lifesystem Bangalore Campus and developed a strong interests in pharma and healthcare marketing solution. Digital A Plus Group of Companies was founded in 2011, it was an impromptu decision to start this pharma marketing solution company together with a few partners and the timing seems to be right since it is when digital wave and ipad started in the market. Last year, we celebrated our organization 5 years’ anniversary and it was heart whelming to see the team grew from 4 people to 50 people at the moment. As a Vice President Marketing, she is responsible of the operation of the entire company, she is required to look into the expansion of the business, coming up with new products and services, conducting digital marketing workshops, identify potential partners, and meeting potential investors for the business. Sylvia has more than 18 years of experience in the area of international business, banking, training, coaching, PR, event management, sales and marketing in different sectors. She poses strong social networking skills, connected with over 3000 entrepreneurs globally. She is known for her kindness and sincerity and believes in giving back to the society and one of the causes that she supports is woman empowerment and girl child education.