Tanaya Sarma

Tanaya Sarma is the Co-Founder of Speaking Herbs since its inception. With the motive to design a lifestyle for the people with the help of natural and toxic free products in a way such that the future is safe. She firmly believes that with the help of clean consumer products, can go a long way without compromising the generations to come. Speaking Herbs was conceptualised as an effort to make clean and responsible consumer products accessible to everyone. With the intent to build a completely transparent and sustainable supply chain of consumer goods who can purchase as per the needs absolutely guilt free and at the same time contribute towards a clean, green and better planet. Miss Sarma has completed her Masters of Technology in Biotechnology from VIT (Vellore). She has hands down knowledge in natural product technology and after working in a startup ecosystem for over four years now, She understands the dynamics and trend of the market. She also worked as a research assistant in a CSIR laboratory after completing B.Tech in Biotechnology from University of Pune, which has made her aware of the fundamentals of research and development and the needs of the country.