I am passionate Artist , want to travel world and love peace all the time , only goal in life to live peacefully and don't need anyone apart from my loved ones and don't need any society competition of career life , burden of unnecessary responsibility . I write thoughts ,poems , songs both in Hindi, English , writing from past 5+ years- you may like to read them please visit this link www.facebook.com/VINAY13L I write for Quora as well from past few month and getting good views , and upvotes on my reviews . i am an entrepreneur having small online based start-up working towards it and pursuing MASTERS IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DEGREE FROM MUMBAI UNIVERSITY. I would like to work as artist for any TV shows , movies or even short films as bcoz my love for Arts . if you like my trips on Tripto then please do follow me and like my Facebook page as well . releasing my own blog soon but here I have my blog on Bloggers. link given below : http://vinay13l.blogspot.in/ Quora profile : https://www.quora.com/profile/Vinay-Thakur-21?srid=I10A&share=ae348d83