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This is a user generated content for MyStory, a YourStory initiative to enable its community to contribute and have their voices heard. The views and writings here reflect that of the author and not of YourStory.

Now buying from online stores can put you behind the bars? Know Why.

This article will help  who loves to purchase from online stores, and return hassle free but it can cause you risk and can put you behind the bars, to know how read the article completely till the end. 

Now buying from online stores can put you behind the bars? Know Why.

Saturday December 02, 2017,

6 min Read

E-commerce was all new trend in India ever since stores such as Flipkart and Amazon came into existence from past few years. it became new buying option of the customer with the recent time. mostly people used to buy from street market and Monday market from their city but after the Transformation came when many online stores started giving huge discounts to Customers with the many option such as   Free Delivery, 50-70+% discount on Super Sale Days, Cashback etc. 

All these were unknown concept for people who never had such experience before, but with the great new technology there comes great Responsibility. as a customer you want discount no matter what day you want to buy and online vendors know that, so sometimes they give it to buy options such as No Cost EMI and similar option with different verity in terms and conditions. 

But " DO YOU KNOW THERE IS ONE BIG RISK ASSOCIATED WITH THAT ?"  as a article name suggest that "Now buying from online stores can put you behind the bars? Know Why." you must be thinking that it may be joke or some kind of tricky line to gain attention but i will prove you this with all the fact of recent times and all the activity which is done by Online Vendors and Sellers & Customers in recent times.


The marketplace such as Amazon and Flipkart and many more has seller to sell the product on it . it can be from anywhere in india , it can be the person living next to you, may be selling online and you did not know ! Are you Surprised? OHH you already knew it ,Fine ! then you must also be knowing that amazon displays their product online and provide all the important and necessary tools to sell and in return they take their credit as commission on product sold on their site from 5% - 20% commission. Again Surprised ? Again not then now you will be Surprised by knowing the next thing.    

There is many thing that takes place from the time you place order on marketplace online and it get delivered to you , Enlisted here below:

1) Customer places order on online stores .

2) Sellers receives the email notification from website they are selling.

3) They pack the product and keep it ready for pickup.

4) Next day, Pickup guy arrives and pick the shipment.

5) The shipment is sent via third party courier services [ Again Marketplaces are not doing anything in between ].

6) The courier Reaches you withing 5-6 days Max to Max depending upon the address you gave.

7) You receives the product that you ordered online.


Continue reading.... 

 8) Your try out the product and if it fits to your purpose you keep happily otherwise raise return request as most of marketplaces gives 30 days no question asked Hassle Free Return option.

9) The Product goes through the again same process like it came from seller to you now from you to seller back but it takes minimum 30 days to reach to seller.

10) Finally sellers get the product back inventory story ends .

Now, Real Story i will tell you what happens in between all the process and steps i told you above and their reality,

List of cases can occur that can cause you problem:

1) You Liked the Photo of the product you placed an order now when seller sends you the product there are many chances that sometimes product never reach to you as in between may be product stolen or lost in transit or any other way around it may not reach to you[Don't worry, in this case you are not Guilty in any sense as product has not reached to you ]. "Loss to seller"

2) Now sometimes what happen is due to Courier guys fault you again don't get product , the Courier guy either stole the product in transit and put address un-deliverable and due to this seller gets charged .[Again you are not guilty Don't Worry]. "Loss to seller"

3) If you get the product there are chances that you may apply return request to marketplaces, for that too seller gets return charge or replacement charge[Again you are not guilty Don't Worry]."Loss to seller"

4) You order the product you reject and sellers get notification that you rejected the product from your end [Again nothing can happen to you in legal way ] but seller gets charged for that too. "Loss to seller"


Below points will elaborate how you will be charged legally by online sellers.

1) There are many incident happened in recent times that fake customer places order and reject the order when came to shipping address they provided at the time of delivery, seller bears the loss and pays the shipping charges to marketplaces minimum 45 to 75 Rs. per product. Again Loss to seller. and if Constant occurrence of this behavior seller can Raise Case and Block you permanently and restrict you from places any future fake orders [ This may lead you to legal offense].

2) If you ever have looted online seller buy replacing different product from what it is being sent to you then seller can sue you and FILE AN FIR AGAINST YOU as in IPC 420 of doing fraud [ This is Very Serious thing , you must avoid doing any fraud online as already many thugs are behind the bars].

3) Constant doing return for unnecessary purpose can block-list you on marketplace as bad customer .

4) Again and Again ordering and rejecting the product at the time of delivery can lead you to get block-listed on marketplace [Do return only if you really did not like the product as some one is bearing the cost of your happiness and that is seller].

5) Searching out for cheap tricks to get free product online can get you Arrested one fine day if seller decides to do that.

Still reading ... Great do share with your Friends and never encourage doing any fraud as someone is doing their best to serve you and make you happy. 

And remember, Offline stores never takes back product after 30 days for some reason but online seller gives you that option too with no charges so do respect that , 

Last but Not Least 

" Return option is  Privilege ,  not right to you "

so , do use it and enjoy online sales and happy buying... :)