Viraj Sheth

Viraj Sheth, a 24-year-old media entrepreneur has been turning heads with his remarkable stints in the digital content industry. Be it acing the influencer marketing space, curating innovative digital campaigns across platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok or transforming the traditional methods of the talent management industry, he has proved his mettle as a digital entrepreneur by establishing Monk Entertainment, his brainchild, as a leading media enterprise for all things digital. But before Monk-E took shape, there’s a lot to his picture that meets the eye. Soon after his graduation, Viraj envisioned the potential of the digital creator ecosystem in India and founded Monk Entertainment with Ranveer Allahbadia in January 2018. Ever since its inception, Monk-E has seen Viraj as the dynamic leader who has been successful in innovatively shaping the digital content industry. Since its inception in a garage with a team of just 3 people, the company has grown 10 folds with over 35 employees under his leadership at such a young age.